Online shopping is slowly taking over shopping at offline stores. Today, we have websites exclusive for any kind of product, be it the concert tickets, movie tickets, grocery, clothing, electrical or household appliances. Online shopping is convenient and time-saving. One can save not only time but also money by shopping for products online. The online stores offer numerous discount offers, vouchers, cashback and flash sales during the festive season, but the offseason is not so different either.

The process of buying products online is unsurprisingly easy. There are only a few steps one can follow and get their product into their hands within the said period. If you want to purchase the product from a particular brand or site, you can visit that particular site straightway and make an order.

How to start the process?

online buyingThe only things that you need while shopping online is an Internet connection, debit or credit card if you wish to pay online and voucher or discount codes if you have any. The first step is visiting the website from where you want to purchase the product. You can also type it on Google and choose the website for yourself. Then, you must search for the product on the website and go through the various options, prices, reviews and finalize the product you wish to buy.

Adding to the shopping cart

Once you have finalized the product that you want to buy, click on the option of adding it to the shopping cart. If there are more than one products, swipe back and add another product in the same way. Once all the products are added to the shopping cart, you can check out.


Click on the shopping cart icon or option to check out. You can then see the total price. If you have any coupon codes or vouchers, you can apply it to the apply coupon or voucher options on that very page. When you have received the discount, you can click on pay and then you are given the payment options.

Payment options

online paymentsThe payment options include pay by debit or credit card, pay via mobile wallets or pay on delivery. Click the option that is convenient for you and type in your name, contact number, email id and delivery address. You will be notified of the order confirmation through text and mail. Then, you have to wait for the said number of days to get the product delivered to you.

After ordering

You must keep the billing information safe with you, and once your product is shipped, you can track your product and check it’s delivery date.

These days, one-day and next morning deliveries are also available in important cities. This is the basic procedure of shopping for a product online. You can do this on your computer or mobile phones. In a single click, you can order your desired products and get it delivered to you.